Step 2.5

denzel_partDecided to do the final comp in colored pencils rather than airbrush acrylic. Although i would have preferred to color using BOTH, I’m still not comfortable w/ the latter (never used it before). Wonder if there are any good online tutorials for this. Feel free to dump on my coloring technique (remember, i haven’t done this in over 10 years) …

sample_color copy


4 responses to “Step 2.5

  • Paul S

    Hey Roby, nice work. Don’t be afraid of the airbrush. Treat it as a way of laying down colour base to your painting… don’t be precious, well, you can a little, but just experiment and don’t forget to have fun with it! I have found that Airbrushing the main colours down can be a real time saver if you can do it right… then bring in the Pencil crayon guns to hone the whole thing and tighten it all up! finish with some highlights using paints and voila!
    any help?

    Paul S.

    • robyamor

      Thanks Paul. You’re absolutely right -i’m afraid of making a mess of it after already putting in a lot of work. But, airbrush does give a better color base than pencils -makes it look a lot more vibrant and evened-out. If i can do that, penciling in the highlights to tighten up the piece will be icing on the cake!. Problem is, i don’t know where to get the equipment from here in Cebu! Haha -i have to go scour bike shops soon…

  • iamsorceress

    Woohooo! Rob, how come I never knew this side of you? I’d have had more, um, respect for you. *evil laugh* Seriously, I knew there was a badass artist somewhere lurking within you. Never just figured out what kind until recently. Truly amazed. I’m a certified convert. 😉

  • reeno teves

    hi rob., u can score a nice airbrush in national bookstore.
    but if kugihan ka, adto downtown..u can get a good price.
    i have an airbrush before, i used it for rendering perspectives.
    i sold it after college. that cost 4000 circa.1996

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