I know I’m procrastinating again, but what the heck. Until I get into that singular mode of “artistic fervor” I won’t be able to do a piece I can be proud of. Don’t worry, it’s coming … But until then, here are 4 guys whose art greatly influenced my style.

Norman Rockwell, Drew Struzan, George Perez and Alex Ross.

rockwell-golden-ruleNorman Rockwell’s idealized depictions of everyday life compelled  America to view his Saturday Evening Post covers even when the articles weren’t as good. And, boy, was he prolific: over 4,000 original works. Whew! Check out his Golden Rule at left.

Drew Struzan, the jedi master of movie poster art. Think of an iconic 121007_indianajones_largehand-painted movie poster done in the last 35 years, and odds are he did it. Spielberg, Lucas, and M. Night Shyamalan are big fans of his work. And-he-is-fast! Real impressive when you do pieces on 1:1 scale.


George Perez has a clean, fluid style that just looks great on the page. And he’s the guy to beat when it comes to action-packed, group superhero pieces. Teen Titans, Avengers and, of course, Crisis.

And then there’s Alex Ross. Who’s work is a combination of all three styles really. You just can’t beat the photorealism. The pieces, they just come to life. Heroes and Villains straight out of our collective subconscious and we see them, feel them, even hear them. Gets me every time.



One response to “Influences…

  • joe namsinh

    hello everyone,

    The Official Drew Struzan Web Site
    has been redesigned with all new artwork.
    Drew has opened up his archive vault
    to share with us many of his Poster Art,
    and some of his private Fine Art.
    Many fantastic and memorable poster images,
    some to view and meditate and
    some to purchase for your collection.

    The time is now to own and cherish an original DREW artwork, before its all gone.

    Check out his official site.



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