One Foot Forward

This is all new to me. Blogging. An online work journal. Talking to the world. My brother’s been bugging me about this for some time now and, well, he’s right. I used to have a REAL journal actually, a cheesy pocket-sized one that my cousin gave me on my 12th birthday, which I eventually replaced with a brown academic planner that I kept through my teens and into which I poured my thoughts from the mid-eighties to the early 2000’s. I still have both. Maybe someday i can transcribe some stories…

My two passionate interests are films (I plan to direct one soon) and art -a genetic predisposition. My younger brother has a head start on me here in that he started his work journal way back in April 2007. And he’s prolific. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.

THIS ONE, if I manage to keep the passion alive, should showcase my art (as they come to me), my thought on the process, my ramblings about film and anything related to it, and, over time, should evolve into something better.

So, here we go…


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